The Rules of Monster Juggle are incredibly Simple!

Here's how a game works real quick -

Shuffle Cards.

Everyone Draws 6 cards.

Weakest Monsters are played.

The player with the weakest card on the table plays first.

That player Draws.

If he draws a Juggle Card, follow the instructions

If he draws a monster, then he plays one card from his hand in front 
of him.

If he wants to, he attacks from the monsters in front of him.

If he has the ability to, he can use the power on the card that he attacked with.

When his turn is over, the play moves to the person on the left.

The game is over when all other players are knocked out or there is Conquer Status.

Ok, let's go thru it step by step...

First, print your cards on 3x5 Index Cards 

You will be printing (in colour)

7 Juggle Cards
7 Dragons
7 Unicorns
7 Wizards
7 Trolls
7 Wildcats
7 Fairies
7 Magic Frogs
1 Roll Chart

Lets find out about the Cards!

Lets look at the Blue Wizard.

He is Blue and he is a Wizard.

He has a Five Attack and he has a Five Defence.

And his Power is "Regen"

We will find out what all this means in a minute.


What are you trying to do?

Build an army of Monsters and win by beating the other players.

How to Play:

At the beginning of the game, on the playing table you will have the Roll Chart.
Place a penny or any token on Red. This means that Red cards can use their power if they attack.

Everyone Draws 6 cards.

Everyone with a Magic Frog gets to play. If there is no one with a Magic Frog, Then everyone with Fairies get to play. Then if no one has those... Wildcats... etc...
Now that everyone has played all the one monster group who had them,  the Person with the weakest card goes first... The total number at the top. The Green Fairy is a 6. The Blue Wizard would be a 10. Etc...

On each turn you always do two things but sometimes three or four things.

First you draw 1 card each turn.
If you draw a Juggle Card, play that card and move the token on the Roll Chart or Juggle.
If you draw a monster, you play 1 card in front of you each turn from your hand.

Then you attack with 1 card each turn, if you want to.
The cards you can attack with are in front of you.
The defenders cards he can defend with are in front of him as well as in his card.

Check the Roll chart.

If your card can use its power, then use it.

The Roll Chart is set up by colour.

The colours are basically the colours of the rainbow, with Pink instead of Indigo. Because I like pink.


You start off with a token on red and advance when the Juggle Cards are played.

What are the Powers?

Go Again

Let's go thru them one by one.

Immune - When you lose a battle, you are not discarded.

Regen - Bring  the top card back from the Discard Pile and put it in your Hand

Steal - Take a card from another player. This can be a random card from their hand or one that you pick in front of them.

Go again - Pretty simple. Draw, Play and attack. This is only done ONCE.

Draw - You get to draw another card at the end of your turn.

Stall - Flip a card upside down that is in front of another person until another Juggle Card is played.

Destroy - Take a card from in front of another person and discard it.


What are Juggle Cards?

There are movement cards that say "1 Space". This means move one space forward on the Roll Chart.

Then there is THE Juggle Card that says "Juggle".

When you draw THE Juggle Card, you give the person to your left your hand. The Monsters in front of you stay the same. Only the cards you are holding move.

How to Attack:

When it is your turn, you are going to attack someone and it is going to be awesome. You present your attacker and they get to choose who they want to defend with. They can choose someone from their monsters in front of them, or they can choose to bring out someone from their hand.

Defence Fatigue: Defence Fatigue occurs when a monster defends. Once he defends, he cannot attack or defend until it is the end of the players attack.

Figuring out attacks:

There are a couple of different things that can happen during an attack... When you put the cards next to each other front to front you will see that the arrows touch eachother and that they both go the same way when they are sitting top to top.

The one on the left is the attack if it is your card, the defence if it is the other guys card.

If my attack is bigger than their defence, then I kill them.
If their attack is bigger than my defence, they kill me.
If Attacker has a larger defence than the Defender, he doesn't die.
If Defender has a larger defence than the Attacker, he doesn't die.
If we both have attacks bigger than eachothers defences, we both die.
If Both Defences are bigger than eachothers Attacks, Nobody Dies.

Pretty Simple.

How do I win?

To win the game you either knock out the other players by killing all of their monsters or achieve Conquer Status. If a player has no hand or no monsters in front of him, he is knocked out. When you are knocked out, you are no longer playing the game.

Conquer Status is the point in the game where all the cards have been exhausted and there is an army of monsters in front of the players and they have not been knocked out.

They are still able to attack and defend, but to do so would be pointless.

When they tally their points (All Attack and Defence numbers), the person with the most numbers wins.

If the numbers are the same then it is a tie game.


-Pauly Hart
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Circular Roll Chart.
Start on Red.
Move Clockwise (to the right)

Vertical Roll Chart.
Start on Red.
Move Down.
When you reach the bottom, come back to red.

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